Dr. William J. Larkin taught for 38 years at Columbia International University until his retirement in 2013. He joined the faculty of CIU in 1975 after a year of pastoral ministry in Philadelphia and the completion of graduate study in England. His passion was to prepare pastors and missionaries, through the study of the Greek New Testament, to communicate God’s Word accurately and effectively as a “missions document.” He taught in Germany, Portugal, Zimbabwe, and Korea.

Dr. Larkin was a member of the Evangelical Missiological Society, the Evangelical Theological Society, the Institute for Biblical Research, and the Society of Biblical Literature. He has written articles and reviews for various periodicals including Bulletin of Biblical Research, Evangelical Missions Quarterly, Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society, New Testament Studies, Themelios, and Decision Magazine. He contributed to The Evangelical Dictionary of Biblical Theology, The Dictionary of the Later New Testament and its Developments, and The Evangelical Dictionary of World Missions and was a translation editor for “Acts” in the New Living Translation.

An ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church in America, Dr. Larkin had an active ministry in adult Christian education, particularly Bible teaching.

Dr. Larkin and his wife Edna have two grown children.

Larkin passed away on Feb. 18, 2014 following a battle with cancer.