Dr. Frank Hayward Sells was born in 1910 in Johnson City, Tennessee. He attended Columbia Bible College from 1928 through 1932. He received his bachelors degree from King College in Tennessee, and a masters degree in Greek from Dallas Theological Seminary. Dr. Sells was given honorary doctorate degrees from Tabernacle Baptist Seminary, Shawnee Baptist Bible College and Bob Jones University.

In 1942 Dr. Sells married Miss Amanda Dosser. He was ordained to the ministry that same year.

Dr. Sells studied under many extraordinary men of God while in college. Louis Sperry Shaffer was the president of Dallas Theological Seminary when Dr. Sells was there, and Dr. Harry Ironside was a visiting lecturer. Dr. Theessin was his Greek teacher.

Dr. Sells taught in several Bible colleges through the years. He taught at Columbia Bible College from 1936 to 1968, as well as Shenandoah Baptist Bible College in Roanoke, Virginia, and Gateway Bible College in Virginia Beach, Virginia. He taught Bible lessons in public schools for many years, as well as weekday and evening Bible classes through local churches. 

Dr. Sells life verse was Psalm 18:30, 32, “As for God, his way is perfect. . . and maketh my way perfect.”

Dr. Sells died in 2003 in Columbia, South Carolina.